The Community of Inclusion Network (COIN) hosts monthly Round Table Meetings at The Studio of
Livy O’s for all members and prospective members. Join us on the first Monday of every month at 11:15am to take part in an innovated networking group that works more like a community than a business venture.

Community of Inclusion Network Fully Inclusive Networking

Growing your business requires you to get yourself out there and make connections with those who can help you improve your practices and implement new strategies for success. Why not do it among peers—like-minded business professionals—and have some fun too!

Community of Inclusion Network Make Connections

Each meeting affords members an opportunity to take part in traditional networking—sharing and gaining business insights—through fun and innovative connections. Members are able to take advantage of exclusive support and mentorship as well as free business resources at each of our events.

Community of Inclusion Network Grow Business

We also invite all members to join our exclusive Facebook Group to receive ongoing mentorship and support, even between meetings and on the go! COIN members are afforded the opportunity to submit guest posts for the COIN’s online blog and newsletter—so you can continue your networking efforts, support, and advice for other business professionals.

Additional Exclusive Member Benefits

Newcomers can enroll online or in person for COIN membership and will begin to immediately
reap the benefits. We also encourage interested parties to come to one of our events or
meetings to see what COIN is about.

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