4 Tips For Improving Your Professional Networking

Networking is the art of getting to know a colleague or other business professional while marketing yourself and/or your services. There is a balance required to keep interactions with you from seeming to always be a sales pitch. One of the ways to maintain this balance is to recognize the individual you are attempting to build a networking relationship with may have more to offer you than you do [...]

How Mentoring Can Benefit Your Career

Mentoring is a highly beneficial partnership between two parties, often with one more experienced or knowledgeable than the other with the intent of passing on the knowledge and skills that their time has afforded them. This relationship, while highly beneficial for the party receiving the advice (mentee) is also important for the mentor. Many networking or similar business professional groups are beginning to recognize the benefits of such a [...]

Do You Have a 5-Year Plan for Your Business?

Where do you see yourself in five years? We’ve all heard this before—been asked it or asked it of others—or some close variation of the inquiry. But, have you ever considered this in regard to your business? Where do you want your business to be within the next five years? Are you prepared for that—taking the steps necessary to get your business there? Are they outlined in your business [...]

9 Business Tips Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know

Mentorship is an important aspect of business planning and learning how to run your new business. This outsider perspective can provide a fresh set of eyes on a problem you are having, give advice based on a similar experience, or offer assistance based on services provided. If you don’t currently have a business mentor—you should seriously consider joining our business social group: Community of Inclusion Network. In addition to [...]

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